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Knowledge Enrichment in organizations

Organizations are such places which  a lot knowledge flows are originating and continuing. One of the critical issues which most of the today’s organization face to it is “knowledge retention”. I n deed,  in a simple statement, the problem is that: If one of the your company’s expert decides to doesn’t come to company, tomorrow, and resign, what will be happen? What will your company lose? of course, it is not only about a person, but is about the lost of knowledge and lack of knowledge retention programs in companies.

The main idea behind of knowledge enrichment is using Web2.0 tools and Personal Learning Environment CONCEPT within companies and organizations in order to receive, manage, control, and enrich the knowledge of employees and employ it to support organizational processes, create robust network, improve communication between employees, and increase the performance of organization.

Indeed, it is meaningful that consider the social web2.0 tools as “knowledge enrichment environments” ( But DON’T WORRY IT IS NOT ABOUT NUCLEAR BOMB).

Below I put the knowledge enrichment model:

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